Choosing A Nontraditional Career Assignment

Utilizing all the resources presented in this module, as well as your Internet research skills, choose a nontraditional career and do one of  the following:

Create a presentation (PowerPoint or Google Slides) that includes the following information about your chosen non traditional career:

  1. Career title
  2. Why is this career considered a nontraditional career?
  3. What pathway is the career included in?
  4. What does an individual do on the job for this career?
  5. What are the working conditions for this career?
  6. What is the future outlook for employment in this career?
  7. Where do I find more information for this career?
  8. List at least two each, advantages and disadvantages of this career.
  9. Include a photo or picture of someone in this career field that represents its nontraditional nature