chosen product

No need to look for real examples or real companies.
–        Please only choose products from the list below (Ch 3 PPT) for your age category.
–        There are broadly 4 types of products listed below. Please choose as many types of products as you think suitable for your age category. You can choose all 4 types if you think these are suitable for your age range.
–        Don’t forget to choose beyond 4 types of products: savings, credit, insurance, transaction processing services. So choosing insurance is not wrong, but not specific enough.
–        Please answer which products under insurance are suitable.
–        Please list the names of your chosen product in the PPT. Then justify/explain your reasons for our choice (for max. 5 mins).
1.      Savings products
a.      Savings accounts
b.      Certificates of deposits/Fixed rate saver
c.      Stocks/Shares
d.      Mutual funds/Investment
e.      Pension plans
f.       Other savings products
–        Internet saver – online banking
–        Cash ISA – a savings account which allows you to earn interest on money you save, tax free.
–        Junior ISA – money in a Junior ISA belongs to the child who can only withdraw it when he or she reaches age 18.
2.      Credit products
a.      Home Mortgages
b.      Home equity loans and lines of credit
c.      Collateralised loans
d.      Credit cards
3.      Insurance products
a.      Homeowner insurance
b.      Automobile insurance
c.      Life insurance
d.      Specialised insurance products
–        Winter sports
–        Backpacker
–        Flood
–        Family legal guard
–        Bicycle
–        Identity theft
–        Event cancellation
4.      Transaction processing services
a.      Checking accounts
b.      Debit cards
c.      Automated teller machines
d.      Information services