College of Engineering & Physical Sciences Assignment Brief


College of Engineering & Physical Sciences 

Assignment Brief                                


Module –

EM4052 Management in Engineering



Coursework Title –


Assignment Brief/ Coursework Content:

• CW2 is a group presentation that covers a case study chosen by students from a list of suitable cases, linked to management theory

Descriptive details of Assignment

•       This is an academic assignment therefore it is necessary to blend ‘theory’ with application to the given situation.  Any opportunities for critical analysis should be included.

•       Contributes 40% towards overall grade for module

•       Group presentation – Max 10 slides / 10 minutes (i.e. each student presents for approx. 2½ minutes) except for any groups of 5

•       Group presentation date – TBC

•       Group presentation hand-in date – TBC


Recommended reading/ online sources:

• Reading will need to be carried out in the specific area covered by the case study, & will vary for each group


Key Dates:

• See BlackBoard


Submission Details:

• Submission via BlackBoard as PowerPoint or PDF only



Coursework Details

Assignment 2 is a group assignment

•       Students should select a case study on a topic relating to management, engineering, strategy or certain other topics covered in the lectures (please liaise with your tutor)

•       Groups should ideally comprise 4 members though inevitably there may be some groups of 3 or 5

•       Students are required to deliver a PowerPoint group presentation

•       The PowerPoint slides also need to be uploaded to BlackBoard (see BB for details of the submission date)

•       All students are required to present.