Communication In Organizations

Centum Banking Limited

This is a fictitious organization

Continue Part 3.

Communication in Organizations

Case Study Assignment:

Your task is to develop a case study about some aspect of organizational life, this might be a problem or some change issue. You should probably focus on an issue or a problem or something about change in the organization, but you can focus more broadly than that.

NOTEDo NOT include any proprietary or confidential information or names of people or the organization if it could be harmful to you, others or the organization. Do let me know if it is a fictitious organization or a Real organization with the names changed to protect the organization.

It is very important that you follow the format very carefully. I will take points off for failing to follow the directions. Do each section separately and turn it in separately.

The parts are:

Part 1A: Describe the Organization (5%). Around a page in length, certainly not much more.

Part 1B: Describe the Situation you will analyze in the case study (5%). Around a page in length, certainly not much more.

Part 2: Situational Analysis (30%). Use the Matrix, and then write a half a page to a page on each of the 2 to 4 areas you will focus on.

Part 3: Recommendation (10%). A one or two pages at most.

NOTE: all page descriptions are approximate and are 12pt font double spaced


Part 3: Recommendation

Describe what you think should be done, why, the end results, and a brief description of first steps and your plan.

Format (you must follow) for Part 3:

· WHAT SHOULD BE DONE: 1-2 pages

· WHY: 1-2 pages

· END RESULTS: less than a page:

· FIRST STEPS & THE PLAN: less than a page, in outline form

NOTE: I do not care about numbers and roman numerals in the outline; I would consider how I have described this assignment for you an outline form.

NOTE: all of Part 3 is in one document that you upload per the instructions.


Remember to work hard, have fun and be brilliant.