Communication Portfolio Assignment

Our written and oral communication skills help to cultivate a professional image.  In week 1, you prepared an introduction video or voice thread using the software tool Kaltura. Having a public, professional profile using online tools such as LinkedIn is another way to present yourself to prospective employers and to people with whom you desire to network. Oftentimes, people use these type of profiles to generate a perception of your professional image.

As you begin this Communication Portfolio Assignment, remember that your public profile will contain more detailed and specific information to support your professional background.  It is important to carefully craft an accurate profile that is indicative of how you are mindful of the manner in which perceptions affect personal and professional relationships.  To be an effective communicator, you must have a large measure of self-awareness as well as insight into how others perceive and respond to you. You must carefully consider what you will disclose, and what you should not in a professional context.

To prepare for this Assignment, pay particular attention to the following learning resources

· Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially:

· Center for Creative Leadership. (Producer). (2017). Beyond words: Communication with actions and attitude [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

· Laureate Education (Producer). (2015). Errors to Avoid in Your Online Professional Profile. Retrieved from Professional Profiles (

To complete the Communication Portfolio Assignment , compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

Compose a cohesive document that mirrors what you would put into an online professional profile in a tool such as LinkedIn. Your profile (Linkedin) should include the following:

· Headline — This should summarize you as a professional in a way that helps you set yourself apart. You may want to complete this after you compose your profile. (120 characters)

· Executive summary (2,000 characters)

· Education

· Experience — Include details and examples that clearly show your expertise and skill set/knowledge that are important in your profession.

· Featured skills — Select up to five skills to add to your profile and explain why.

· Recommendations — Identify at least two people from whom you would request a recommendation. Explain why you selected those two individuals.

· Accomplishments — Identify at least three accomplishments you could add to a real profile. Explain why you selected those accomplishments. What message do those accomplishments convey?

· URL — Think about how you would like to identify yourself if you could obtain a customized URL. Even if the URL is not available, it is good practice to think about how you can be referenced.

· 4 – 5 pages in length

· No plagiarism

· APA citing