Write a 300 word main post that responds to each question below. Does not include reference.

Chapter 4 discussed some of the ways in which language usage and verbal communication differs from person to person.

Questions to Answer:

  • Contrast your use of language with that of someone else you know. Using at least two concepts about verbal messages from the chapter, what are the differences between your use of language and theirs?
    • Concepts from the chapter that can be used include, but are not limited to:
      • 1) onymous vs. anonymous
      • 2) assertiveness vs. nonassertiveness
      • 3) disconfirmation vs. confirmation
      • 4) sexist speech
      • 5) polarization
      • 6) static evaluation
      • 7) any other concepts from the chapter you find relevant
  • What challenges are presented when different verbal communication styles are used? How can those challenges be resolved?