Community Windshield Survey

Power point guideline

PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines: ▪ Prioritize 5 areas you identified from your Windshield Survey that you think are the most important to share with your classmates. Areas can reflect either positive or negative or both findings. ▪ Create a PowerPoint slide presentation that includes the following: * Slide 1: Your name and Community description * Slide 2-6: include your five (5) prioritized strengths and/or weaknesses of your chosen community and the reason why your chose each of them. Include pictures or other graphics in your slides that correlate with your community areas of interest; be creative. Do not include pictures with any person in them. * Slide 7: If you did use references within your presentation please use slide 7 to list your references using correct APA 7th edition format. ▪ Upload the PowerPoint presentation in the Discussion Board within the content