Company management practices


OPTION 1: Essay Title:  The Hawthorne Studies (1924) showed that employees may change their behaviour when being observed. In what way is this theory still relevant to modern management practices?  


Your essay must include an argument for or against the relevance of the Hawthorne Theory to modern management practices, literature to support your argument, a company example to support your argument and final conclusion.


Marking Criteria:

Argument for/against relevance of Hawthorne Theory for modern management practices. 40%
Management Theory literature 40%
Company example 15%
Conclusion 5%




Produce a short report identifying current management practices in a company of your choice.


Your report must include the following:


  1. Introduction:
  • The company and industry it operates within
  • Identification of the predominant current management theories used (Classical, Human Relations, Systems or Contingency)
  1. Background Literature:
  • Management theory literature applicable to your company
  1. Company Analysis:
  • Description of current company management practices in relationship management theory.
  • Identification of any potential issues associated with company management practices.
  1. Conclusion:
  • Evaluation of current company management practice.


Marking Criteria:

Introduction 15%
Background literature 25%
Company Analysis 30%
Conclusion 30%