Company Profile (Section I, II, and III)

For this assignment, you will individually select a company you wish to profile from the Forbes Fortune 500 List (Links to an external site.).  Upon selecting your company, you will begin to create the company’s profile upon researching the organization. In a written report, discuss the following:

  1. Describe the selected company’s history (2 pages)
  2. Identify the organizational culture and describe it. (1 page)
  3. Review its management team, and write a short paragraph about each member. Include their role, responsibility, and background. (1 page)

Assignment 2: Company Profile (Section IV, V, and VI)

  1. Locate the company’s current performance and future goals. (1 page)
  2. Review the organizational structure, and describe it. (1 page)
  3. Name the company’s key leaders (past and present), and describe how they have shaped or are shaping the company. (1 page)

Assignment 3: Company Profile (Section VII and VIII)

  1. List employee benefits offered by the company and how they compare with benefits for companies that are equal in size, profits, or industry. (1 page)
  2. Summarize the company, and explain how the components you covered tie together. Include your reasons for selecting it and what you learned about it that you didn’t know. (1 page)

You are expected to use APA style formatting. At least, 2 -3 academic sources should be added to the reference section and be implemented into the paper. You may repeat the sources used throughout the paper but there should be at least 8 sources used.