Company Research Project Report

BUS90002 Group Report
IBUS90002 Group Report
Criteria Ratings
Integrated analysis

Developed integrative analysis on interactions between the external environment and the company’s capabilities, strategies, strengths and weaknesses.
Contextualised analysis clearly illustrating how the selected company achieved success within its national environment.
Insightful analysis of opportunities for growth, recommendation of a suitable option for growth, description of the challenges the company may face in pursuing that option, and a plan for implementation.
Discussion showed critical/reflective insights beyond presenting descriptive facts and information.
Theoretical application

Drawn on class concepts, theories, models and/or frameworks to support discussions and recommendations.
Structure and logical flow

Presented effective structure of report with logical flow of sections covering focused discussion points. Cohesive arguments provided in the report.

Well-structured introduction and conclusion.


Provided practical, clear and logical recommendations that reflected analysis presented in previous sections. Recommendations are specific to the selected company.
Research support

Report sections supported by quality academic and non-academic references throughout.

Report is free from typo, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Report made use of appropriate formatting (1.5 or double line-spacing; 2.5cm margins; 12-pt Times New Roman or Calibri font; clear and consistent subheadings).