comparative analysis

              Responsible Events Management




Choose two of the core readings from the module (those uploaded on Brightspace). Prepare a comparative analysis of those selected readings to include a critical evaluation of the following criteria:


  • Frame of reference, grounds for comparison


  • Comparison of the problem or issues discussed


  • Comparison of approaches and methodologies


  • Contribution to the general understanding of responsible events management


  • can include contribution to literature
  • can include contribution to industry


  • Potential to apply your own learning and thinking on responsible events management to future event planning



The following link may be of use:


  • Overall word count: 2,500 words
  • Include a cover page, word count, table of contents, intro, main body and conclusion.
  • Include the full references of the two readings you choose at the back of your work, as well as correct citations throughout.
  • Correct Harvard referencing is expected.


the following details clearly indicted on the cover page: SURNAME, FIRST NAME, STUDENT ID NUMBER, PROGRAMME CODE/YEAR, MODULE CODE AND MODULE NAME.