Compare And Contrast The Global Branding Strategies And Local Market Implementation (In One Country Of The Student’s Choice) For ONE Of The Following Pairs Of Brands: profile MaxZhou

Each student will compare and contrast the global branding strategies and local market implementation (in one country of the student’s choice) for ONE of the following pairs of brands:

  1. Volkswagen versus Toyota
  2. Burberry versus Patagonia
  3. Four Seasons Hotels versus Courtyard by Marriott
  4. Lenovo versus Apple
  5. Clarins versus L’Occitane

Per Rubric elements.

Written essay: 1800-2500 words, minimum font size 11.

Grading Criteria (What constitutes a good assignment?):

Demonstration of understanding of the content provided within the BRAND BASIC series of lectures (BBL1, BBL2, BBL3, BBL4, BBL5, BBL6 and BBL7). The ability to transpose this knowledge into your own explanations and brand understanding.