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Impacts of Covid-19

Impacts of Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill and it has been almost 9 months since its first cases in Wuhan China but it has since killed numerous across the world, infecting over a million people and shutting down infections across the world. The virus is a major threat. After all, it is a major challenge to detect because it has similar symptoms to normal flu that include fever, body aches, and headaches among others. It has been difficult for the world to comprehend the virus starting with the world’s leading medically developed nations that have failed to keep up with the virus that there has been no slightest trace of vaccines or even proper ways of containing its spread. The virus is affecting the entire world because there are people that lost their loved ones, jobs, and the world’s economy is deteriorating each year that is making it a major threat.

There are currently 23 million cases of the Coronavirus across the world and it has resulted in 800,000 deaths which is a major concern. The world has lost numerous people and the virus is still a threat given that people have stopped hiding in their houses or taking precautionary measures of observing distance and wearing masks or sanitizing their hands after contact (Ilyas, 2020). The people have been trying to get back to work or making sure that schools resume which is a major threat to their lives. The virus has changed the way that they lead their lives which are a major change and an influence of the people’s lives because they have to get out to work or fend for food and other basic needs which has become a challenge.

The virus led to shutting down schools and other learning institutions across the world and some in the secluded areas such as China are slowly resuming but with caution. People are not used to living life with restrictions and the fact that they have come over 6 months in restrictions is a major change and influence in their lives. The virus has made sure that life, as we knew it in the previous year, will not be the same because the children are attending their schools through online sessions while meeting at workplaces are taking place via Zoom and other video conferencing platforms (Malik & Naeem, 2020). The students in most parts of the world are taking a year off school and they do not have a clue on when they will resume or pick off when the learning resumes.

The virus has led to the distortion of the world relations between the countries because some countries do not want the virus escalation thus there are few international travels and most flights were grounded. The move is a major problem for the economies of the world because they made numerous capitals from international relations. The multinational corporations and globalization were escalating and making it easier to relate and interact which has become a challenge to endure in the current pandemic situation (Ackerman& Peterson, 2020). Most of the international companies had to shut down and sent their employees home and there is no date when they will reopen which is a major threat to the people’s source of income. Covid-19 has influenced the entire world and its similarity with common flu has made it a challenge to detect and manage and thus it continues being a threat.


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