Comprehensive Reproductive Health Education

DPH 485 Communications in Public Health Template

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Advocacy Plan

Date: ___April 16, 20______

Advocacy Group Name: _Alliance for a Virtuous Education (AVE)_

Topic: _Comprehensive Reproductive Health Education___


Vision Statement AVE is committed to the health and well-being of our youth and that includes ensuring that they are empowered with the knowledge to make safer reproductive health and social choices.

Purpose/Mission AVE purpose is to encourage school districts and the community to support providing age-appropriate comprehensive reproductive health education program in the Mississippi public schools. Our mission is to garner long-term support for programs applying a holistic approach to teach about the human reproductive system.

Objectives Short-term: Secure support from parents, teachers, and the community in high priority areas to rally for comprehensive reproductive health education for the high-risk students/youth to be implemented in the next school year. Medium-term: Increase the number of school districts in Mississippi that will implement policies to deliver evidence- based comprehensive sex health education to middle and high school students by 20% in 4 years. Long-term: Amend House Bill 999 to mandate comprehensive sex health education as Mississippi standard and achieve full implementation in all Mississippi School Districts.

Strategies 1. Increase awareness of the teen pregnancy and STD rates through community outreach and mass media.

2. Promote the economic benefits of comprehensive sex programs through short- and long-term cost benefit analyses and data.

3. Form community alliances (leverage supportive groups).

4. Engage parents in the students learning process. 5. Ensure all educational materials and information are

presented in an age-appropriate format.



DPH 485 Communications in Public Health Template

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6. Utilize media to garner favor for position and to broadly share Mississippi’s current outcomes for addressing the problem.

Resources & Assets Personnel: e.g. # of volunteers to achieve goals and implement strategies Budget: communication materials, e.g. pamphlets, web site etc. Current policies and data: House Bill 999, MSDH statistics and data showing poor outcomes Agencies and Organizations: Healthy Teens for a Better Mississippi Resources needed: Volunteers Money for advertisements and promotion

Support/Opposition Those who favor position: Evidence suggests that parents favor comprehensive health education; Women’s Foundation, Mississippi First Lady Those who oppose position: Conservative groups and parents; Faith-based organizations who prefer abstinence only programs

Targets/Agents of Change Targets of change (those who want to behave differently): Youth/students, school district, conservatives (opposers) Agents for change (those who can help the change): Women’s Foundation, First Lady, Parents and Parent Teacher Organizations, local community, health advocates/organizers, Legislators in the high-risk communities, local/national celebrities

Sectors to Change 1. Parents (who demand change) 2. School Leadership and Boards (who execute policy

change) 3. Churches (who offer support and stop opposing) 4. Government (introduce and amend policy for the

people) Actions Develop a media outreach plan

Increase activity on social media Implement a letter writing campaign to state legislators