Computer Media

COMP 223: Intro to Digital Media

Individual Term Paper WIN 2021

Length: 4-5 pages, 12-point Times New Roman or Calibri, double spaced.

1000-1200 words not including references section. One page is roughly 250 words.

Due date: Feb 3,2021 (11:59 pm).

Submit into the portal – AmpEducator (only the link of google docs of your paper)

Your paper must follow the outline you submitted earlier in the term.

Style: APA – citations in the paper AND references section at the end.


Please choose any one for your paper topic. You have to use reliable sources for external resources into your paper.

1. Narrowcasting of advertisements (marketing of ads) can change behaviour. Is this good or bad for citizens like us and why?

2. Surveillance society & surveillance Economy: cameras are everywhere – is this good or bad for citizens like us and why?

3. Open-media (net neutrality): Canada and the US have adopted difference approaches. Which, do you think, is the better approach for general public/citizens like us and why?