Conduct Research And Develop A Contract For Hiring Temporary Contract Employees. Assume You Are Negotiating With A Staffing Agency To Bring On Two Temporary Contracted Employees.


  1. Conduct research and develop a contract for hiring temporary contract employees. Assume you are negotiating with a staffing agency to bring on two temporary contracted employees. Write a 3-4 page paper that addresses the staffing needs of your organization.
    Be sure to do the following:

    • State the purpose of the contract with the staffing agency.
    • Address the fees paid per employee.
    • Address the roles and responsibilities the employees are expected to perform that are related to the admission’s department of a hospital.
    • Address the duration and additional terms of the project and any extension expectations.
    • Address any fees associated with any offer to permanently hire a project-based employee and any associated benefits.
    • Use a minimum of 3 sources, at least 1 from Rasmussen’s Online library.
    • Use proper APA format.