Consulting Assignment

A minimum of ten (10) pages double spaced must be submitted and make sure you use course material to supplement your arguments. Use references (and cite APA style). In this required assignment, you should choose from one of two general alternatives on which to write your paper:

1. A self-assessment of your consulting skills based on your work and school experience. Outline what skills a consultant needs and how your skills match. Then free-form an essay while answering the following: What skills did you perform well? Which were you deficient? Were these the skills you assumed consultants needed before the course started? How have your views changed or remained the same about consulting? What would you have to do to improve your skills if you were to pursue a career in consulting? Take online tests/assessments to gain insight and provide evidence. Use examples and evidence from other classes and past work history to support your conclusions. Try to make it an honest assessment that can be useful to you in the future.

Subject matter should have key elements covered; content is comprehensive, accurate, persuasive; displays an understanding of relevant theory; major points supported by specific references; and research is adequate/timely and citations are academically valid. For both your individual and team case study, Part 1 of the paper should include the following:

• Background and understanding or problem [10%] § Including possible external and internal factors

• Project purpose and scope [10%] § Including what’s not in scope

• Approach and workplan/process [15%] § Provide alternative approach options

• Project fees and schedule [5%]

• Anticipated outcomes and benefits [20%] § Of all proposed options

• Consultant credentials [5%]

• Conclusion [5%]

• References

• Appendices Subject Matter Total 70% Style & Mechanics 10% Readability/Style/Organization 10% Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling 10% Papers submitted need to include at least 4 scholarly references (one from the textbook is okay) and needs to be written in APA style. See the syllabus for more details.

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