CPS is assessed by an individual essay of maximum 3,000 words (excluding references).  You must pass this at 9 or above.

Answer one of the questions below:

  1. Spatial planning gives a geographical expression to policy. Based on this perspective, assess the extent to which the planning that is practiced in a city or town of your choice can be described as spatial planning.
  2. With respect to either development planning or development management, critically evaluate how the organisational framework for planning promotes and/or hinders effective planning practice in a city or town of your choice. Credit will be given for the use of real-life examples.
  3. “Planning is intrusive, undemocratic, and anti-growth. It has no place in modern society.” With reference to a country or city of your choice, react to this statement.
  4. Assess the extent to which planning has contributed or could contribute to the resolution of some key challenges facing a city or country of your choice.
  5. In most countries, planning legislation prescribes specific plans for different spatial levels. Using two countries of your choice, critically compare the effectiveness of this official framework for plans.
  6. With respect to a specific case from planning law or a planning application that is in the public domain from any part of the world, critically reflect on the judgement or decision. Credit will be given for reflection on specific elements of the judgement or decision.
Submission Deadline: Monday 14 December 2020 at 1200 hours.
Word Limit: Maximum 3,000 words (excluding references).
Hand in format Turnitin.  The work should be complete with cover page and references.
Weight: 100% of final mark.
References: Harvard format APA style. Any edition will do, but consistency is required.
Learning outcomes: All

Key Information

Marking Criteria

Your essay will be marked on the following criteria:

  1. Exemplary range and depth of attainment of intended learning outcomes that apply to the theme.
  2. Command of a comprehensive range of relevant materials and analyses.
  3. Critical engagement with the relevant literature.
  4. Deployment of considered judgement relating to key issues, concepts and procedures.
  5. Fluent command of theory in the analysis of empirical evidence.


Please name your files this way: “CPS-2020-StudentID-Q-question answered”. For example, for a student whose ID is 1234567X and who answered Question 3, the file name will be “CPS-2020-1234567X-Q-3”. This is very important and will help you avoid being assessed on the wrong question.