Contributions To I/O Psychology

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Use your own words: the worksheet should not include a lot of quoted information (you still need to cite/list your references).

Your answers in each cell of the worksheet should be approximately 50 words in length. (Total word count for this worksheet should range from 375 to 500 words).

Use the textbook as your primary reference (not web sites), but do not use any direct quotations: put the material into your own words.

The assignment asks you to tell us two things about each I/O pioneer: what you see as their major contribution, and how that helps us today. You may need to come up with the second part on your own: don’t look for the answer in the book.

For example:

1) Psychologist pioneer XYZ did the first research seeing how various pay systems create different levels of motivation.

2) We know now that “low motivation” is an expected response to an unfair pay system that is not equitable, so we know that we need to fix the pay system instead of trying to motivate the employees in other ways.