Country Presentation

Choose a product or service that you believe could be successfully marketed in your country (not one that could be exported from there). (If you were

pessimistic about business prospects there, for the purposes of this assignment pick a product or service that would have the best chance of doing well.) If you want to choose a product that is already well established in your country, you

should provide a good reason why you think you can compete. You may pick an actual branded product or service or one that you make up. Show some creativity, so do not select an item for which there is already a case study, or one that is already well-known and doing well locally.

Develop a PowerPoint type presentation with 16 to 20 slides – not including any initial slide showing Contents or final slide showing References.

Your presentation should have three parts and a conclusion. The first two parts should take account of any comments you received on the briefs you wrote earlier on these topics.

Key points, only, on the culture of your country. (A complete summary is not needed. (4 to 5 slides.)

Key points from your brief on the politics and economy of your country. (5 to 6 slides.)

The management approach for your chosen product. (7 to 9 slides.)

Your management approach should be based on what you have learned from the readings and material from Module 6 and refer specifically to your country and your proposed product or service. Do not simply mention

generic marketing considerations. Cover at least the following points, which include all four marketing Ps:

Why do you think your chosen product or service will sell?

What adaptation to conditions or preferences will your product or service require, if any? Explain.

What local distribution channels will you use?

What approach will you employ in promoting your product or service, and why? What will your promotional message be? (Relate this

message to why you think your product or service will sell.)

What considerations will affect the pricing of your product or service, and why? How will your prices compare with those of any competitors?

End with a slide showing a conclusion and any recommendations.

Formatting slides

Give your slides visual appeal. A third of the points for the Presentation depend on this.

Bulleted points should convey the specific information about the point you want to make while also being brief to the point of being

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terse. Getting this balance right takes some thought.

Credit is given for graphics: photos and charts or tables that are

relevant to your country and the topic of the slide. Note: little or no credit is given for generic clip art.

When you include tables or charts, be clear what inference your audience should draw from them. Don’t just drop them in and leave your audience to figure out why they are there.

Do not:

Attach supplementary notes to your slides. A printout of your slides alone should amount to a good summary of what you want to say

Add sound or animated transitions between slides. Hold your audience’s attention with interesting material and good


Keep total file size down. PowerPoint file sizes can quickly become bloated, because graphics can take a lot of memory, and BlackBoard does not handle very large file sizes well.

To submit your Presentation post it in two places – with your last name and country as part of the file name, please.

1. Upload a copy for the instructor to grade in the same way you submitted your Cultural and Poltical/Economic Briefs.

2. Students put a lot of work into these presentations so there is an

opportunity for you to share yours and see others in the last of the

discussion areas called Country Presentations. you must post yours before seeing others.

Grading criteria for presentation (150 points)

Cultural considerations and the political and economic situation 50


Management intentions 50


Visual appeal 50