Course And Student Schedules

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Paul Bauer, the chair for the information technology (IT) department at the University of Denver, needs to create a database to keep track of all the courses the department offers. In addition to the course information, Bauer would like the database to include each instructor’s basic contact information, such as ID number, name, office location, and phone number. Currently, the department has nine instructors (seven full-time faculty and two adjuncts). For each course, Bauer would like to keep track of the course ID, title, and number of credit hours. When courses are offered, the section of the course receives an ID number, and with that number, the department keeps track of which instructor is teaching the course. There is only one instructor per course. Finally, Bauer needs to be able to keep track of the IT students and to know which courses each student has taken. The information he would like to know about each student includes ID number, name, and phone number. He also needs to know what grade the student receives in each course. He has asked you to create an ERD from the information described here using the Chen model.