Coursework Two

Coursework Two

  • CW2 requires you to complete the Methodology section of your research proposal. IT IS A PROPOSED METHODOLOGY. This assignment, in conjunction with the first assignment, forms your complete research proposal.
  • Look at the example in Module 11.
  • At the start of the submission students should remind the reader of their topic – this will allow the reader to determine the appropriateness of the methodological choice you have outlined.
  • Your assignment should be around 1,500 words ±10%. The submission should be heavily referenced – at least 20 to 30!




  Research Philosophy
What is research philosophy and why is it important?
Which paradigm will your research be rooted within?
Provide an overview of that paradigm and why it is relevant to your study?
Remember to mention ontology and epistemology




  Data Collection Method
Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed

–       Interviews (semistructured/unstructured

–       Focus Groups,

–       Surveys, questionnaires

Why this method?
Advantages and disadvantages of this method.
What issues do you need to consider if you are embracing this method?




  Data Analysis Technique
Once your data has been collected it must be processed and analysed so it can be used as meaningful and useful information that informs your study:

–      Quantitative Research – SPSS, what tests could be used?

–      Qualitive – Coding, which form?




  Research Ethics
Ethical Implications of your research.
Informed Consent – Risk assessment – Storage of private information (confidentiality) – Right to Withdraw, Deception
Ethical Approval

CW2 Info (and CW1 Lessons)

  • Harvard Style referencing must be used. The reference page should only contain sources that have been cited in the text. All in text citations must be in the reference page.
  • Write your work critically and ethically.
  • Proofread your work.
  • The deadline is the Thursday the 1st of April 2021 (Week 12) by 4pm in time zone of your registered campus of study. This is an online submission only via Turnitin.
  • Use the headings in the CW brief to structure the proposal.

Any Questions?