Creating A Drama

While components such as plot, staging, theme, and setting are valuable, the characters offer a unique opportunity for expression and creativity. For this assignment, you will create a character. You will need to loosely select a time period and location setting in order to best develop a realistic character, but your focus should be on the character and not necessarily a full plot or story line. For example, you may appreciate medieval times and thus choose to create a female peasant character from that era, or perhaps you wish to create a super hero or creature from another planet. Think entirely outside of the box and have fun with this! But you should include details such as: A brief biography of the background/life of the character, where they live, when they live, their gender, appearance, social status, level of education or type of training, personality traits, ambitions in life, health status, the tone of their voice and communication strengths or weaknesses, profession, family, and hobbies. Discussion what motivates them, what hurts them, and ultimately, how you relate to them.