Creative Writing

Topic: two disscussions

Type of paper: Creative writing

Discipline: Economics : Economics

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two discussions, every discussion write 200 words.
discussion 1:
So far, we’ve seen that markets are efficient in the allocation of resources by equating marginal costs to marginal benefits. For this outcome to take place, however, a series of assumptions are considered (perfect competition, increasing marginal costs, decreasing marginal benefits, perfect information, among others). An assumption, by definition, is something that we take as given in our models. Nevertheless, as is noted by several economists and other social scientists, some of these assumptions may be questionable.

I would like for you to critically assess one assumption in the models that we have seen so far. A critical assessment requires that you give sound reasons supporting and/or contradicting the logic of the assumption. In any case, comment on the consequences for market efficiency of breaking that assumption.

Debate: Do you agree or disagree the following statement: an educational voucher system would lead to higher educational quality? Tell us why you agree or disagree.