Crime Scene Forensics Power Point



Imagine that you are a crime scene investigator, and you have been asked to present at a forensic science conference due to your department’s recent success in garnering a murder conviction in a decade-old murder case. In the case, a female body had been dumped at a construction site with signs of sexual assault and strangulation. Unfortunately, at the time that the body was discovered, there were plenty of suspects, but no one could be positively identified as the murderer. Recently, due to new information being uncovered in the case, the evidence—which included paint, metal, and soil samples, DNA evidence taken from the victim and her assailant, and forensic serology evidence—was re-examined, and a positive ID could finally be established. A suspect was then taken into custody and subsequently convicted of the crimes of rape and murder.

In your presentation, you will offer a brief description of the evidence and how it was collected and analyzed as well as how forensic serology and DNA evidence were used to positively identify the individual who was ultimately convicted. Be sure to use speaker notes in your presentation, and keep the text on the slides to a minimum as you would in an actual presentation to a group.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be at least 10 slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. You should use at least one resource for your presentation. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.