Answer any TEN of the following questions.

1. What parameters/characteristics of light sources would you consider while the designing the vide surveillance system?

2. Define the unit of ligh intensity, “foot candle”.

3. State the wavelengths of the spectral range of human vision system.

4. Describe the significance of the beam pattern of light source on the video surveillance performance.

5. Does the sunlight’s spectrum remains the same througout the day? Explain.

6. Describe the relation of the light-beam pattern of a light source with the field of view of a camera.

7. Comment on the pros and cons of tungsten lamps.

8. Explain how a tungsten-halogen lamp differs from the basic tungsten lamp.

9. Describe the principle of operation of a high-intensity-discharge lamp.

10. Explain how a fluorescent lamps differ from a sodium lamp.

11. How can you produce infrared light from a given light source?

12. Describe the principle of operation of a thermal video system.

13. Name the cost items that impact the lighting design.

14. What does the life of a lamp depend on?

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