summary Instructions: Research Question (10) on Contemporary Topics and Issues Regarding the Criminal Justice System. Due: OCTOBER 10, 2020

A.    Produce a 10 to 12 page Research Discussion paper excluding title, abstract, and reference(s) page that addresses each of the following questions and or topics.

B.     Responses must Integrate no less than (2) two separate references per (numbered) question.

C.     Your production must comply with, and meet APA standards for format, In-text citations and proper documentation of references etc.

D.    Proposals should include paradigms shifts, correlations and other aspects of the Criminal Justice system related to the following: Criminal Justice Process and Organization, Leadership, Integrity, Ethics, Credibility, Critical Thinking, Constitutional Law, Due Process and Crime Control Theories of Policing, Social Media, and Technological Impact of Research in Criminal Justice.

Note: Adhere to standard APA writing guidelines, including Title page, Abstract page, Headings and Sub-titles, Conclusion and Reference page(s). Attach Plagiarism receipt to your completed assignment before submitting.

1. What do you already know about Criminal Justice? Discuss any desire you may have of someday working in the Criminal Justice field (police officer, corrections officer, lawyer, etc.). (Criminal Justice System)

2.  You are a Chief at a local police department. You have to hire someone for a patrol officer position. Justify the personal characteristics you are looking for in hiring a new police officer? (Criminal Justice Leadership)

3.   Choose and defend what you think should be the requirements of being a trial judge? You may also examine the roles and responsibilities of being a judge. You may also talk about any judges you have seen (including judges on TV). (Integrity, Ethics and Credibility)

4.  Imagine you are a police officer. One evening you and your partner make an arrest of a man who was drinking and driving. After handcuffing the man, the man says something not very nice to your partner. Your partner responds by hitting the handcuffed-man in the face several times. Decide and discuss what do you think you should do? Critique your partner’s actions? Defend your actions. (Ethical Behavior)

5.  Many feel today that our judicial system is failing. Many believe that punishment for crimes is too lenient while others feel it is too cruel. Argue how you feel that punishment for crimes should be handled. Debate assumptions that government is either too soft on crime or too harsh? Explain what you think the death penalty is a just penalty for murder or should it be considered cruel and inhumane treatment? (Due Process vs. Crime Control Law Enforcement)

6. Technology has brought about sweeping changes in society. Computer technology has become a part of every work place and is present in most every home. Explain how much technology is a major part of your life. How would your life change without it?  Also, assess how you think that technology affects criminal justice. Argue how technology has changed the way police, courts and corrections do their jobs? (Impact of Social Media and Research in Criminal Justice) 7. There are three branches of government.  The three branches of government are the Legislative, Executive, and the Judicial. Explain each branch and compare them to the others. Discuss the provisions and the purpose of coequal branches of government, specifically why one branch is no more powerful than the others? If you believe one is more powerful than the other, identify which one, and conclude how? If you had the option to work in any one of these branches argue which would you choose? (Knowledge of Civics and Government)

8. Rapper Busta Rhymes has been arrested numerous times, leading some to claim that rap and some forms of hip-hop music leads to crime. Justify what you think? (Knowledge of Constitutional Law)

9. You are in line at McDonald’s and your order is about to be taken. Behind you, two people start fighting. It quickly turns into a group fight between multiple parties (possibility gang related). How do you react? Propose and defend what you would do? (Critical Thinking and Ethical Behavior)

10. A K-9 officer uses a dog to sniff the contents of a car. The dog indicates that the car has drugs inside. A search is then made and the police find drug within the vehicle. Validate your opinion on this. Is this fair? Should drug dogs be allowed for police use in this manner? If not, why not? Defend your thoughts. (Police Procedures, Constitutional Law, Search and Seizure)