Criminal Justice

Scholars will be required to assess the events of 9/11 in comparison with two other events that have affected the criminal justice system. The component of interest will be at the discretion of the scholar, courts, cops, corrections, or the juvenile justice system. An example of the events is at the broad discretion of the student but must be a problem that affects change (riots, wars, criminal activities, misconduct, crisis/ natural disasters, and law changes, age of reasoning, etc).

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® that includes at least 100 words in speaker notes on each slide. Include the following:

•             Names of the event •             A brief description of each event •             Negative changes each event had on criminal justice practices •             How those negative changes affected society •             Positive changes each event had on criminal justice practices •             How those positive changes affected society

Further Implications to include within the presentation:

· The Process of Change

· Planning in the component of discretion

· Resistance to change

· Organizational Development

· Unintended Consequences of Change

· Ethics and Organizational Change

· Implications for Managers of your chosen component

· Recommendations

Include a reference section with at least six references peer-reviewed (ONLY) and one-course  book  reference.

Include appropriate photos, graphics, illustrations, pics, charts, diagrams, etc.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines. Consider the 5×5 rule