Criminal Justice


Chapter 6

  1. Should male and female officers have the same duties in a police department? Explain your reasoning.
  2. How can education enhance the effectiveness of police officers?
  3. Do you think that an officer working the street will eventually  produce a cynical personality and distrust for civilians? Explain.
  4. A police officer orders an unarmed person from running away from a  burglary stop; the suspect keeps running and is shot and killed by the  officer. Has the officer committed murder? Explain.

Chapter 7

  1. Specialized courts (such as drug courts) are popping up all over  the country. What is your assessment of this trend? Why do you feel this  way?
  2. Should attorneys disclose information given to them by their clients about participation in earlier unsolved crimes?
  3. Should defense attorneys cooperate with a prosecutor if it means their clients will go to jail?
  4. Should a prosecutor have absolute discretion over which cases to proceed on and which to drop?