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Imagine yourself as an expert on your topic of choice. You hold a position in which communities and lawmakers rely on your knowledge and expertise. As an expert, you know your topic in great depth. You have thoroughly investigated the negative consequences of your topic and how it has contributed to mass punishment in America. You also have evaluated successful and failed efforts to address the issue. Finally, you are equipped with the latest and most compelling research to develop an effective solution.
Your paper must include the following elements:
Describe your topic of choice with precision and careful thought.
Examine the issues related to your topic. Discuss the negative impact(s) it has had. You are free to discuss whichever negative impacts you feel are most urgent and problematic.
Evaluate what has worked and what has not worked. Address both of these subjects in your paper. Knowing what does not work can be extremely important when your goal is to create positive and meaningful change.
Using research, resources, and your own knowledge, develop a proposed solution to your issue. Ask yourself, how can we create fairer and more equitable outcomes? Discuss your proposed strategy in detail, accounting for potential drawbacks.
Justify your rationale for your chosen strategy. In other words, construct a coherent and evidenced argument for why your plan would be better suited to create fairer and more equitable outcomes. Your job here is to convince your reader about what will be better suited to minimize the negative consequences of your issue.
Suggested structure of your paper:
Statement of problem (Introduction)
Importance of problem
What works and what does not work
Policy recommendation
Justification/arguments for policy recommendation
You must have a minimum of 5 academic references.
You may only use one “.org” or “.gov” website towards your minimum source count. The majority of your sources must be academic, peer-reviewed articles. If you have greater than 5 sources, you can use these websites as supplemental references.
At least 4 of your sources must be academic and peer-reviewed.
You may use the textbook, but it does not count towards your minimum source count.
Do not use law firm websites, news articles, or essay helper websites. These have not been reviewed for accuracy. Your references must be academic.
Follow APA in-text citation and reference list guidelines.
Include a cover page and reference list in APA format.
Your paper must be a minimum of 1,250 words, not including the cover page and reference list. You will automatically lose marks if you submit a paper with less than 1,250 words. An Abstract is not necessary.
Use 12pt font and double space your paper.
Do not use long quotes from any of your sources. A long quote is considered anything that is a sentence or longer. These will not count towards your number of words. Use your own words.