Criminal Justice Power Point

You will create a PowerPoint Presentation with Presenter Notes. You can be creative, but please make it informative with great content and depth. A few things that are required are below:

Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Presenter Notes-Explain the obstacles that women and minorities face as police officers. Do you think these obstacles are improving? Why or Why not?

A minimum of twenty slides (not including a title and bibliography/reference page), you need to use your book /reliable outside sources to prove your opinion/statement and you must use the APA citation format.

At least ten slides need to have presenter notes (you click on notes at the bottom of your slides and insert information). Research this information if you are familiar with PowerPoint Presentation and Presenter Notes. You need at least ten pictures or clip art to be included in the presentation. Additionally, make sure your theme, color, font size and font style are well done and easy to read.