Criminal Law!!

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The goal for this week is to examine the social control of youth by exploring the history of youth social control. This history will provide context for understanding the development of juvenile corrections/interventions. This history also contains some important lessons, including cautionary tales, about how we might respond to youths’ problem behaviors today.


Upon completion of this week’s lesson, you should be able to:
Explain how the development of the concept of childhood contributed to the development of separate correctional institutions for children.
Describe the factors that contributed to the social control of children in Colonial villages and towns.
Describe the social context that gave rise to the first correctional programs for youths in the U.S.
Describe the development and operation of the houses of refuge, placing out, probation, and training/industrial/reform schools.
Assess common problems that confronted early correctional responses to youths
Explain how juvenile corrections has both harmed and helped youth, families, and communities.


View the Week 3 Introduction video. Note: You will notice that on the video, in the background, you will see Week 2 displayed. I’ve moved this section to week three as a result of recent course changes. It is the correct video for week 3.
Read the assignment, The History of Youth Social Control (see below).