Criminal Procedure

For this project, you will research a country of your choice and compare the criminal justice system and criminal procedure to the United States of America.


***You must complete both requirements in order to receive a grade. Picking one or the other will result in a failing grade. Voice presentations of some formats are also required. 

Pick a crime, such as murder, or even a misdemeanor crime in the United States, to follow in comparison to another country. This will make it easier than comparing and contrasting both misdemeanor and felony cases between the two countries.

Mimick the paper headers as I provided the requirements. For example, under “act” you should have a section in your paper and PPT labeled the same …. etc.

Paper Requirements

2-3 Pages (Title page, abstract, reference page not included)

Introduction to the country you selected

What is the government system?

Stop, Investigations/Interrogations, warrant procedures (pick a crime type, such as murder, to use as your guiding crime to get you through the criminal justice system).

Arrest and pretrial process

References still must be APA, current edition.

Trial procedures

Cite and use 3-4 scholarly sources (minimal)

If you do not have a voice component of the presentation, you will lose points (-10 points)


Grading deductions:

Voice element missing (-10 points)

Submission of only one set of requirements (50% of the total grade)

Grammar and formatting (deduction depends on the extent)

*Some of the most common errors I see in papers occur when you do not give yourself enough time to proofread. Make sure to proofread your items, use Grammarly, submit to the writing lab, etc to give you another set of eyes on your papers. If you wait until the last minute to complete your project, it will be evident.

**Common errors I observe is that students are still familiarizing themselves with APA. I understand that is relevant and I try not to hold that against you except when it is obvious you do not attempt to follow APA guidelines. Some early suggestions are as follows: Please remove passive voice sentences “was….” “had….”, check for comma errors and splices, double-check for punctuation and complete sentences.

Unsure about APA? Check out this link for guides and downloadable templates