Criminology essay

Criminology essay

Question :

‘Problems of inequality do not afflict the criminal justice system. In law, everyone is treated equally and has equal access to justice’. Does this statement accurately reflect contemporary sentencing and/or punishment practices if one is a member of a minority group?

Essay Directions:

The total word count for this essay is 1,500 words Your essay must be properly structured (with an introduction and conclusion) and properly referenced. You may choose your referencing system (ie Harvard in-text or footnotes), but you must be correct and consistent.

You MUST conduct extra research beyond the set tutorial readings for the course and the relevance of your research materials will be assessed.

You will be assessed on the quality and relevance of your research. You are encouraged to use databases, online journals as well as texts held in the library.

General advice:

Ensure you ground your answer in evidence, ie for questions about sentencing you can ground your answer through a discussion of sentencing principles, case studies in the media, sentencing tools and frameworks, judicial discretion, mandatory sentencing and so on. For punishment, you could refer to a specific practice of punishment, contemporary examples, particular case studies or representations, or key issues such as racial justice, or monetary justice.