Critical Analysis Of A Coach

Week 8 Instructions

For your Final Project, students will write an 8-12 page essay detailing the coaching philosophy, coaching style, and principles of coaching of an active or former high school, college, or professional coach of their choice (any sport).

Students will provide biographical information of the coach they selected; including their name, coaching resume (list of coaching assignments), and specific career highlights and accomplishments (awards, championships, significant feats, etc.).

Then, students must describe the coaching philosophy, coaching style, and principles of coaching used that helped make the coach they selected a successful coach. Please be specific with your description and validate your major points by supporting facts with references where applicable. For example, do not just state the coach was a great leader. Instead, find quotes from the coach’s former players, athletic administrators, fellow coaches, assistants, etc. or published articles that truly demonstrate how this coach was a great leader. Explain in detail what characteristics you admire most about this coach. Then, explain which qualities you try to model as well as a coach. Describe what you have learned from this coach that has or will help you in becoming a better coach. In the final portion of your term paper, explain what coaching objectives you have developed your coaching philosophy on. Identify each of the three broad categories of the following objectives in winning, athletes having fun, and development of athletes. Clearly identify priorities and the relative importance of each of these three objectives, paying close attention to the role that winning has in relation to other objectives.

Submission: Students will submit this Final Project through a Word document. The paper must be between 10-12 pages in length, not including the Title and Reference page. At least five (5) scholarly resources must be cited and referenced in your essay. Remember to provide supporting evidence for your content to validate factual information.