critical analysis of a speech

2,5 pages typewritten (12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced) critical analysis of the speech from TEDtalk on


the speech is 8 min long.

In the paper, please critique/discuss (e.g., what worked in the speech, what could have been done the following:

· The author’s purpose

· The audience for whom the speech was designed

· A brief summary of the speech (no more than one paragraph)

· The speaker’s introduction (attention getter, credibility, tie to audience etc)

· The speaker’s body of the speech (e.g., Was it easy to follow? Organized? Etc)

· The speaker’s conclusion (e.g., Was there a clincher? Etc)

· Their delivery style ( e.g., eye contact, rate of speech, energy in the voice, body language/posture etc).