Critical Evaluation of an Article: Summative

Assessment Task Information (In-College & Remote delivery)


Assessment Instructions
What do you need to do for this assessment?

You are required to write a critical evaluation of an academic article for an academic audience, e.g. the editors of an academic journal.

Write a critical evaluation of one article which has been discussed in class.

Your teacher will inform you about the articles available for this task.


You should make use of your feedback from the formative tasks in weeks 5 and 7 as well as notes from in-class activities and discussion to help you plan this task.

Please note that the task requirements and marking criteria are the same for formative and summative versions of this assessment.


Please note:

This is an individual assessment so you should not work with any other student.



You should include all five sections, but not necessarily all the sub-sections. You should include the sub-sections that you think are relevant for your article. Word counts for each section are approximate and for guidance only.

1)     Title

a)     full bibliographical reference


2)     Introduction (approx. 75 words)

a)     Topic

b)     Aim

c)     Summary of main findings/key argument

d)     Evaluation of whole text


3)     Summary (approx. 225 words)

a)     Summary of main points

b)     Methodology

c)     Text structure

d)     Evidence presented

e)     Conclusions

f)      Questions raised


4)     Evaluation (approx. 150 words)

a)     Strengths and usefulness

b)     Weaknesses, limitations or problems

c)     Reference to appropriate criteria


5)     Conclusion (approx. 50 words)

a)     Restatement of overall evaluation

b)     Further explanation of evaluation

c)     Recommendations

Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:

You should use your notes from an in-class discussion to help you plan this task. Your teacher will advise on which articles are available.

Referencing style:

You must include a Harvard style reference at the start of the evaluation.

If you refer to any other sources, you should use Harvard style in-text citations and full references at the end.

Expected word count:

You are expected to write between 400 and 450 words. The title page and reference list (if you choose to include one) is not included in the word count.

Learning Outcomes Assessed:


MLO1: Make a simple summary of an author’s main ideas verbally and in written form


MLO1: Summarise verbally and in written form an author’s main and supporting ideas

MLO2: Offer an analysis of the main points of a written text


MLO1: Summarise verbally and in written form an author’s main and supporting ideas

Submission Requirements:

You must include the following paragraph on your title page:

I/we confirm that this assignment is my/our own work.

Where I/we have referred to academic sources, I/we have provided in-text citations and included the sources in the final reference list.

§   Font: Arial or Calibri or Times New Roman, size 12

§   Double-spaced/1.5 with standard document margins

§   Appropriate header

§   Numbered pages

§   Include a title page with the following information:

o  Module Code (e.g. FC110)

o  Class/Group (e.g. Group A)

o  Module Title (e.g. Critical Reading, Writing & Reasoning for HE)

o  Assessment Type (e.g. Critical Evaluation)

o  Article Title and Author(s)

o  Module Tutor Name

o  Student ID Number

o  Date of Submission

o  Word count

§   Use Harvard referencing conventions


Assessments submitted after the submission deadline may incur penalties or may not be accepted..


How will this assessment be marked?

This piece of work will be marked using the following marking criteria and weightings:

·        15% Task achievement: How fully you covered the task requirements.

·        10% Organisation of ideas: How well you organise and link the ideas in your writing, making it easy to follow.

·        60% Summary & Critical analysis: How well you summarise and paraphrase the ideas in the article and how well you evaluate the ideas from different viewpoints and apply independent thinking.

·        15% Communication & academic expression: How clear your written language is and how appropriate the style is for an academic text.


You will receive a mark for each of these categories and your overall mark will be calculated as the weighted average of the four.  The overall mark will be reported as a percentage.

How will you get feedback?

The assessed task will be marked. The marker will provide you with a mark for each criterion, an overall mark and written feedback.  You can use this feedback to guide your learning on this and other modules.


For a larger assessment task, explain how the task will be broken down into component task and sequence of stages needed to complete it.

For  written submissions or live/recorded presentations include detail about what subsections are required in the assessment text type and what the subheadings are for each.


If applicable, state the referencing style required and clarify whether a reference list and/or a bibliography is required.