Critical reflection on the innovation process

Purpose of the task:

The purpose of this task is to engage students in critical thinking and reflection in both written and verbal form. The task requires students to analyse and succinctly summarise an academic article focusing on an aspect of the innovation process. Students are then required to reflect on how they carried out this task through a short verbal presentation, in which they articulate key learnings and the role critical thinking played in the process.

What the task involves:

In this individual assessment task, students will choose ONE (1) academic article from a list of articles that will be provided by their course coordinator / lecturer. Students will write a short written summary of the article (250 words +/- 10%) outlining what the article has to say about the dimensions of the innovation process, including the article’s key arguments and findings.

It is intended that this written piece adheres strictly to the word limit, as students must demonstrate their ability to understand, break down and succinctly summarise the key elements of a piece of academic literature.

For guidance, below are a few broad questions to think about when summarising the journal article. However, it is important to keep in mind that what the 250 written summary covers exactly will be influenced by the specific article’s content.

What is the focus of this article and what, if any, are the main issues or problem areas this article seeks to tackle?

How does this article conceptualise innovation? i.e. what theories or models do the authors draw upon?

If this is an empirical study, from where does it get its data? i.e. which sectors, organisations or people participated?

Does the article outline how particular challenges in the domain of innovation can be overcome? If so, what are their

key ideas or recommendations?

What are the implications of this article for businesses and organisations?

Below are a few guiding questions to address in the 3-4 minute video reflection piece:

Following the completion of this short written summary, students are to create a 3-4 minute ‘talking heads’ video in which they discuss their own thoughts and reflections about the above writing task. This short video is not simply asking students to provide a step-by-step rundown of what they did and how they did it, etc. Instead, students will need to actively engage in critical thinking, which means to ‘think about their thinking’.

What did you learn during the process of reading, analysing and summarising the article you chose?, i.e. consider what you knew before and how this has changed as a result of completing this task.

In what ways has this article informed or deepened your understanding of the innovation process?

How challenging was this task for you, and why was it challenging?

In your own view and with the power of hindsight, how effective was the approach you took to tackle this task?

What would you do differently if asked to complete another ‘250 word summary’ task again in the future?

What role did critical thinking play as you undertook this task?

More broadly, how important do you think this kind of critical thinking is in the various spheres of your life, for example in your study and work.

This assessment task will be assessed by the lecturer, and the criteria for assessment is outlined in Assessment Task 1 rubric.