Critical Thinking

Please complete and upload Critical Thinking Assignment #10 by responding to the Fraud Casebook study on Aldrich Ames found on Page 349 of the text

Aldrich Ames

Read the following articles or other related articles regarding the Aldrich Ames case and then answer the questions below:


Wikipedia, “Aldrich Ames” and the “Aldrich Ames Criminal Complaint.”

Madinger, John, Money Laundering: A Guide for Criminal Investigations, CRC Taylor and Francis, 2006.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much cash did Mr. Ames receive from the Soviet Union for spying?

2. How much money was Mr. Ames earning annually?

3. From where did Mr. Ames claim that his money came?

4. On what date was Mr. Ames charged?

5. What was Mr. Ames primary motive for his acts?

6. What was the dollar amount of his initial goal for his first act?

Discussion Questions

1. Describe the reasons why the CIA investigation failed.

2. Develop eight (8) questions that you as an investigator would like to ask Mr. Ames (2 open-ended, 2 closed-ended, 2 leading, and 2 admission-seeking questions).

3. Given the background reading, list three verbal deception and three non-verbal deception cues that you believe that Aldrich Ames might exhibit and describe why.