Critical Thinking

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After viewing the Critical Thinking PowerPoint Podcast, please review articles provided below the Podcast. Taking into account the Discussion Board rubric, and following the instructions for Discussion Board posts (see link below), complete the assignment by pasting your initial response into the Discussion Board and commenting on at least one of your colleagues’ postings. For assuring proper APA formatting and referencing of your post, create it initially in a Word document that you can then cut and paste into the Discussion Board. **IMPORTANT** – Attach your Word document to the post. This is to facilitate grading of your post.

For this Discussion Board assignment, after viewing the Critical Thinking PowerPoint Podcast and reading the two assigned articles, identify what you think are the essential elements of good critical thinking. Discuss the similarities and differences found in the articles and provide the strengths and limitations of each article. Remember to respond to the submission of at least one of your colleague, using the instructions below:
Instructions for Discussion Board Posts for Online Evaluation of Practice

***Finally, a note of caution. Under no circumstances should a student copy any material from another student’s DB, either in their original post or their response to another student’s post, unless it is meant to be a brief quote and is properly APA referenced. There should be no copying of other students’ reference lists – construct your own list. This is all plagarism and will at a minimum result in a failing grade for the DB, but the student may be further sanctioned as per the FSU Academics Honors PolicyLinks to an external site.