Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Mid-Length Essay 2

Must be at least 700 words

To evaluate something is to make a value judgment (judge it as good or bad, right or wrong, correct or incorrect) is to assume a standard or principle or law. So, whenever anyone makes a value judgment, that means that they are committed to a standard or principle or law.

Moral principles or laws are principles or laws that determine whether an action is wrong, right, or permissible.

For a moral principle to be absolute, it must be binding necessarily at all times. For a moral principle to be universal, it must apply to all rational beings.

Do the following:

State whether or not you believe that there are absolute and universal moral principles, and provide a detailed, systematic argument for your position.
Watch the following short video: . If the link does not work, copy and paste the URL:
Answer the following:
Briefly exposit the common argument for moral relativism in the video and the criticism of it.
How did watching the video affect your view or position, or affect the way you think of criticizing an argument? What did you think about the manner in which the criticism was made?