Critically explore an education issue in the context of public policy

Education and Public Policy:

Assignment  2

Assignment 2

        3500 word assignment

‘Critically explore an education issue in the context of public policy’.

        This will comprise 70 per cent of the final grade.

        Deadline for Assignment 2:   January 8th, 2021

Assignment 2

        Which education issue do I wish to explore?

        How do I explore it within the context of public policy more generally?

        Which of these issues is relevant to my discussion? public sector reform, regulation, accountability, political economy

        How do I engage with key issues in inter-sectoral working and/or inter-professional learning? (if applicable)

Types of educational issue

        Marketisation, privatisation, consumerism

        Equity issues – race, class, gender, sexuality, disability

        Governance challenges – resources, funding, school organisation

        Autonomy and control –

centralisation/regionalisation, regulation

        Professional level concerns – working conditions, discretion, identity, relational issues

        policy change – via social movements, political pressures

        Role of ideology in educational provision

Examples of assignment titles

        Dilemmas of Accountability in Street-Level Bureaucracies:

The Case of [country] Teachers

        How have global university rankings impacted higher education?

        What are the challenges faced in providing an inclusive education for asylum-seeking and refugee children in [country]?

        The [name of education Act] and its impact on [] groups in [country]

        A critical analysis of teacher performance-related pay applied in [country]

Key issues to remember

        Ensure that you clearly define what the education issue is

        Make use of literature to support claims – is there sufficient data to explore the topic?

        Be measured in your argument- you don’t  need to prove anything

        Contextualise the education issue in the context of debates in the field of research

        Don’t be too parochial – explore the local issue from a global perspective

        Most important – adopt a critical stance. Use your own judgement based on evidence and theory to examine the topic

Task for assignment 2

        Title

        Aim of the assignment

        How you will achieve this aim

        Content – what sections/are will you cover and in what sequence? (some detail for each)