Critique of Entrepreneurial Theories, Cases and Processes

Purpose of the task:

The purpose of this task is for students to provide a critical analysis of a start-up or entrepreneurial venture within the private, public or social spheres. Students will produce a report in which they describe and critique the entrepreneurial case through the lens of one or more theoretical models and discuss practical implications arising from the entrepreneurial endeavour.

What the task involves:

In this individual assessment task, each student will write a case study report (1,750 words +/- 10%) based on an identified start-up company or entrepreneurial venture. It may be a venture within an existing firm, a new start-up within the private sphere, or a new venture within the social/community realm or within a public institution.  If focusing on a new venture or product launch within a large, established company (e.g. Apple, Dyson, Google, etc.), it is important to focus this report on a specific product or service and the entrepreneurial process associated with this novel product/service in particular, rather than focusing on the company’s overall activities in a broader sense.

To complete this task, students are to research and write a case study report detailing the following:

  1. The issue and/or opportunity that called for an entrepreneurial solution;
  2. The key actors (individuals, groups, organisations, etc.) involved and the critical decisions and steps they undertook in relation to the emergence of the entrepreneurial idea and bringing this idea to fruition;
  3. The salient contextual factors and how these factors shaped this venture. Include in this part of the analysis what, if any, impact the organisational environment had on this venture;
  4. A description of the entrepreneurial solution and how it was developed and implemented;
  5. Link the venture to relevant concepts and theories to analyse the characteristics of the selected venture and the process from emergence of a business idea to its adoption, resourcing and implementation;
  6. Critically reflect on the ways in which the processes of venture creation analysed in your case have made an impact on business/es and society more broadly.

It is expected that students draw upon a range of academic literature as well as relevant non-academic sources (i.e. online reports sourced from the organisation’s website) to support their analysis. All sources must be referenced appropriately using the APA referencing style. This assessment task will be assessed by the lecturer, and the criteria for assessment is outlined in Assessment Task 1 rubric.