Cultural Analysis

Cultural Analysis

Due to the significant impact of culture in the business environment, use  Hofstede’s compare countries  resource to choose a country for your project and conduct a cultural analysis of your project country, using the resource to investigate the specific culture scores for Hofstede’s dimensions of culture. In this discussion, you will work on the following critical elements: Values and Communication and Business Etiquette.

· Discuss  Hofstede’s dimensions of culture  that influence business in Kenya.

· Use  The World Factbook  and Commisceo Global Culture Guides to expand this further by identifying specific elements of communication, both verbal and non-verbal.

· Finally, using Commisceo Global Culture Guides , identify five rules of business etiquette that would directly influence business interactions.

What risks or opportunities can you identify from this analysis of culture? Consider areas of management that can be adjusted when considering cultural drivers.