Cultural Anthropology; Journal Article Review: Religion

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Assignment 2 – Journal Article Review (16% of your grade).
You should find a topic in cultural Geography that interests you and select 3 articles from
different Scholarly journals. These are journals in which material submitted is peer reviewed
prior to publication. A list of suggested suitable journals is in the Assignment 2 folder. Please
use the resources of the Santa Fe Library, particularly the Electronic Databases.
If you are unsure how to use these, please contact the Reference Desk at the Northwest Campus
Library. You should send me a .pdf of the articles, or the APA references and get my approval
prior to starting the project. Please submit your articles (in .pdf format or the APA references)
for approval. Do NOT send a link to your library search. Each Electronic database search is
individual, and cannot be accessed, if you send a link to it. The deadline to post the completed
review is shown on the syllabus.
You should write the article Title and APA reference at the top of your analysis.
In your review you should answer the following questions:

Why did you pick this topic and how do the articles link together?

Why aspect of cultural geography do the articles address? (Language, ethnicity, spatial
distribution, human impact on the environment, etc.)

Outline the methodology in each article (3 paragraphs)

What was the main finding (the abstract usually outlines this)?

List a term or concept that you did not previously know.

What practical applications do the research in each article have in the “real” world?

What would you have done differently?

What potential for further research is there (this is often summarized at the end of the

What particular question does this research raise in your mind? Please be provocative,
but appropriate. This question will provide a prompt for your peers in their discussion
You must submit the proposed articles for approval by the date shown on the course
calendar. Please turn this assignment (at the bottom of Modules, in Assignments) in to the
Learning Management System (Canvas). The assignment should be in academic style and not
just address the bullets above as a list and should be comprehensive. There is no word length
for this assignment, but the written work should be comprehensive as the article selection,
draft and written work are worth 20% of your grade.
Creativity is encouraged. You must submit a proposed article for approval by the date shown on
the syllabus Please turn this assignment in Canvas in the Assignment 2 drop box, in the Assignments Module. This written assignment is worth 16%

such your Assignment should be written professionally, in academic form NOT bullet points,
and consist of at least 500 words per article, approximately 2000 in tot