Culture & Emotion

Culture and Emotional Expression

Please remember that full points are only earned by answering ALL questions thoroughly, clearly and grammatically correct, as well as in response to classmate discussions.  You are constructing paragraphs ( 4-5 sentences!) not bullet points.

1.  What has Dr. Tsai’s research center on?  How did her interest in culture and emotions begin?  What was the false stereotype that influenced her desire to do research in this area?

2. How has the concept of WEIRDOS (you may need to review from your book) influenced the research prior to Dr.  Tsai’s research?   There are several references within this video that identify how assumptions were made based on WEIRDOS.   Give 2 examples of what was identified between Euro-American culture and Asian culture in the video and explain the differences.

3. What have been her findings between how people want to feel (or assume they should feel) and how they really feel?  Take a minute to think about this in your life.  Can you think of a time when you didn’t feel how you wanted to feel?  Explain it.

4.  What is the example used in the video to explain cultural context and managing bi-polar disorder?  What were the differences again between Euro-Americans and Chinese on the management of this disorder?  What other factor(s) might be influences why Americans do not want to take medication for this disorder?

5.  What does she see as some exciting new research that will be done in the area of emotions in the future?

6.  After viewing this do you think your culture has had an effect on your emotional responses?