Customer Solution Specialist

CUSTOMER SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST (Quest Diagnostics Laboratory)

Basic Purpose:

This position of Customer Solutions Specialist is focused on working with our customers to assess operational needs and work with Commercial Sales to create and implement appropriate plans. They are focused on specific Sales District(s) or segment of customers.

They act as the operational point person for our largest, and strategic new accounts to insure these accounts have a flawless startup experience operationally with Quest Diagnostics such as: Laboratory Testing & Services, IT connectivity, Billing and Pricing, Patient Services (Phlebotomy),  Logistics and/or Field Processing.

In addition, this person will work with key top accounts and manage the “At Risk” business to successful saves. They work collaboratively with Sales and are a liaison between all of Quest Diagnostics’ services and our key customers. The Customer Solutions Specialist coordinates activities to maximize client satisfaction through a close-loop problem resolution process.  They monitor client service failures and the timelessness and appropriateness of the functional groups’ response.  They will also interact with functional groups to analyze chronic service failures and implement corrective actions. The Customer Solutions Specialist will evaluate optimal service delivery options for key customers.


Duties and Responsibilities:

Customer Onboarding

•           Work with Commercial Sales as soon as the target customer has been identified as a candidate for this process.  Learn from all parties involved what the value proposition is that has been presented to that customer as well as their key needs to assure a seamless transition.  Understand all aspects of the Customer from the Sales Director, Commercial Sales Representative, Connectivity, Billing and Patient Service perspective.

•           Develop a strong working relationship with all functional leaders and stakeholders involved through regularly scheduled meetings.

•           Schedule and conduct initial training sessions for key customers.  Conduct follow-up or retraining sessions, if necessary.

•           Set up and assure monitoring of strategic accounts through the monitoring process.  Review outcome of monitoring daily during the first 45 days.

Customer Retention

•           Evaluate all information received and create a start-up or “risk-repair” plan based on what is learned.

•           Attend “At Risk” conference and Daily Ops Call as needed to report resolution of any events for the key customers involved.

•           Review Client Problem Tracking module or other client problem reporting mechanism for at-risk accounts and coordinate action(s) between functional groups to resolve At Risk issues in timely manner.

•           Review the timeliness of the functional group’s response.  Notify the functional group immediately if the turn around time goal is exceeded.

•           Review the root cause description and appropriateness of the functional group’s corrective action.  Notify the functional group if resolution is unclear, inadequate, and inappropriate or if documentation is required. Work with group to develop effective action plan.  Monitor implementation.

•           Visit or conduct conference calls with client accounts and at-risk clients to ensure that resulting resolution and follow-up activity is satisfactory.  Solicit and resolve other outstanding issues or concerns.

•           Spend 10-25% of the time in the field, visiting clients and working with Commercial Sales team [occasional overnight travel].

•           In partnership with Commercial Sales, establish routine client visitation or conference call schedule to meet with key accounts and at-risk clients to review service metrics, satisfaction with local services and address concerns.

•           Works with Director or Problem Resolution Specialist to analyze chronic service failures and develop corrective actions. Coordinate the contact of clients who submitted a client satisfaction survey that expressed dissatisfaction with the problem resolution progress or as requested by the regional senior staff.

•           Ensure total compliance with all company policies and government regulations.  Maintains required documentation.

•           Manage other projects/responsibilities as assigned by director.