CW2 Essay Planner

5FH509 Knowing My Practice: CW2 Essay Planner (2,000 words)

This is an example of an essay structure. You are not required to follow it. Aim to write your own sub-titles for each section which are specific to the content your particular essay. Word counts below are only indicative. You can modify these to suit your own essay, or use a different essay structure.


Title: Knowing My Practice: In what ways can critical, cultural and design theory help understand fashion design? With specific reference to [insert the name of your chosen practitioner here] and the theory of [insert the name of your critical concept/theory here].
Sections of the essay word count Indicative content Notes for your own essay
1 Title Page Include the module code and name, an image of work by your practitioner, image caption, the essay title, your student number, and the date of submission.  
2 Introduction  150 Introduce the topic, explain what your claim/argument is, explain what each section of your essay will do, and explain how this will answer the question and demonstrate the argument.  
3 My practice: My Practitioner 100 What are your personal and professional ambitions? Which areas of design would you most like to work in? What have been your favourite projects / topics so far at university? Which designers/creatives generally have influenced you? Which critical approaches and thinkers from the module have interested you and why?  
100 Introduce your practitioner, their background, areas of practice, key clients/projects, design strategies, and the historical, social and political contexts of their work.  
4 Your chosen theoretical framework 350 Introduce your chosen theoretical framework, the key thinkers in the area, their ideas and arguments. Identify specific theoretical concepts and arguments which you will then use to analyse your designer’s work in section 5.  
5 Application of theory to examples 800 Apply the theory to two or three examples of design by your chosen practitioner. You can include work by other designers / brands / agencies which act as useful comparisons and contrasts to your designer’s work. Make specific reference back to the concepts and arguments from section 4.  
6 Using theory in design 350 Include one of your own recent design concepts. Choose an example which interests you the most. Outline and evaluate the process of making your design, say which elements of theory can be used to discuss/approach your work and ideas, and how you feel theory could be used to inform your work in the future (e.g. possible topics for further research in year 3 practice & theory).  
7 Conclusion 150 Recap the aim, claim and order of the essay, summarise how the claim has been demonstrated, look to wider implication for your discipline and your practice now and in the future.  
8 Bibliography   List all sources by type – Harvard Style – use Cite Them Right on the library webpage: