Data Analytics And Big Data

Assignment 10: Data Analy!cs and Big Data



HA4200D – Healthcare Financial Manage… EJ

Study the chapter in your textbook that defines retrospec!ve versus

predic!ve data analy!cs, as well as big data.


1. Compose a minimum of a 3-page paper that will be compare and

contrast two (2) ar!cles.

2. Conduct an ar!cle review comparing and contras!ng 2 separate

ar!cles related to data analy!cs and big data.

3. One ar!cle must be a healthcare study of some sort that has used

data analy!cs and the other ar!cle must be related to “big data” in


a. Your review should iden!fy whether retrospec!ve or

predic!ve analy!cs have been used to obtain the study


b. How is big data being used in healthcare? Who is analyzing

big data?

Create a summary using the two ar!cles that provides a future predic!on

for the impact of data analy!cs and big data in healthcare.

Submit this assignment to the dropbox “Assignment 10: Data Analy!cs and

Big Data.” This assignment is worth 50 points and will be graded according

to the scoring guide below.




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Ra!ng Scale


9 Work meets or exceeds criterion at a high level of competence.

8 Work reflects an understanding of criterion with minor


7 Criterion par!ally met, but one or more important concepts/skills are

missing or flawed.

6 Work reflects an a”empt to meet criterion, but significant

misunderstandings/misconcep!ons are apparent.

5-0 Criterion not met or work is absent.


1. The two ar!cles selected are for the correct topics.

2. Student effec!vely compares and contrasts the ar!cles.

3. Student makes a reasonable future predic!on based on the ar!cle


4. The paper contains quality wri!ng. Work is professional and polished,

with few or no grammar, spelling, or stylis!c errors.

5. The paper is forma”ed in APA style and meets minimum length




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