Database Security [Discussion]

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Thread: In the article, “Google search test shows no progress in cyber safety: a year after breaches exposed, UKFast director reveals that unsecure databases still likely to pose biggest cyber threat to SME security,” database security is revealed as the most fundamental part of creating a database, and it is vital to protecting a company’s information assets from unauthorized access. In fact, SQL injections have surpassed almost all other security vulnerabilities in 2013. Although security policies are often implemented to protect data, information security remains every employee’s responsibility. Data in the wrong hands can have a major negative impact on a business, and security of the data ultimately falls on the creator of the database. In this discussion board post, discuss the concept of database security as it relates to the Bible. What mandates does God give us with respect to protection of property? What real world examples support these biblical truths?
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Thread #1
Security is the highest issue for today’s technology. While the world is going digital it also means all of our important information is going digital as well. From governmental security to personal security, we must always be aware of the possible security issues that may crop up. “Security concerns for internet-based attacks are some of the most persistent challenges to database security. Hackers devise new ways to infiltrate databases and steal data almost daily.” (SumoLogic, 2019). Simple data breaches can cause chaos with identity and financial issues, but if the security breach is larger it can cause millions if not more in damages. Whether that is just for the company or if the breached leaked their customer’s information.
It’s a business and its employees’ duty to keep their business and clients as secure as possible, however, a lot more businesses aren’t as secure as they should be. “With 43% of online attacks now aimed at small businesses, a favorite target of high-tech villains, yet only 14% prepared to defend themselves, owners increasingly need to start making high-tech security a top priority, according to network security leaders.” (Steinberg, 2019). Current technologies allow for more and more business to be done online; however, it also opens up for more attacks. Businesses’ must keep up with the current security precautions, which explains the reason attacks are focused on weak points. Small businesses starting out do not always make security a priority since there are so many things owners have to do as they are building their business and client base.
Human error is still the highest issue beyond just subpar technical security. “Ironically though, even with 480 new high-tech threats now introduced every minute, according to anti-virus provider McAfee, human error still remains one of the greatest threats to organizations’ well-being.” (Steinberg, 2019). Employees and even clients must be extra careful not to let information to be easily accessed.
In the Holy Bible we can use some of the words God gives us as a way to help us keep things secure. Once such verse “Proverbs 11:13 – A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter.” (KJV). It’s our duty to keep the secrets entrusted to us.

Thread 2
In the article, were Google searches found users information, users can be informed that using the internet safely helps to ensure privacy rights. People should know when to feel safe, and the Federal Trade Commission Protecting America’s Consumers offers services to consumers who participate in online interactions that require sharing names, emails, and credit card information. Many scams, unlike the article mentions are also lessons to take precautions and research businesses when possible. It could not be a brand issue, but business will take measures and hope to ensure consumer security, even with multiple website brands and multiple domain names within their profiles (Chikada, A., 2019, pg.3).
In an article, Lawrence Munro, points out that hackers with degrees are more in a position for job placement than someone who has a conviction for hacking since the work interaction with clienteles may recognize criminal backgrounds as a bad scenario (Mansfield-Devine, S., 2017, pg. 15, 20). However, it makes sense to want to consult with hackers with experience, regardless of criminal backgrounds. Maybe people deserve second chances, however, in the world of internet and big data there are consequences like making new business relationships. As the Bible states, (Rom. 13:2, ESV) “SO, then, the one who resists the authority is opposing God’s command, and those who oppose it will bring judgement on themselves.
Several scriptures against theft of property seriously, like to morally inform people to have a more meaningful life with God. (Eph. 4:28, NT) “The thief must no longer steal. Instead, he must do honest work with his own hands, so that he has something to share with anyone in need.”